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Benin City release Baby for your audio pleasure

Benin City have finally released their secret weapon! the twisted, haunting post dub step-jazz-indie fusion that is “Baby“. This Marc Pell (Micachu and the Shapes) co-produced gem is a definite change in direction for the band, who have pared it all down (less is more until the climatic burst of sounds you did not expect) and let all the words and spaces between the notes do the talking and yet they have not departed entirely from the jazz and hip hop roots of their original sound. Show your support so more people are encouraged to write great music and create unique soundscapes rather than follow trends. It’s unique without being in any way non-pleasurable, everyone can relate to the story behind this dream like bittersweet love song and it would be very difficult to deny its hypnotic effect no matter what kind of music you’re into. It is catchy without being irritating: it will creep beautifully and insidiously into your brain without you wanting to stop pressing repeat. Buy it when it comes out but for now just bask in it (you can only bask in a song like this) Watch out for the Hyperdub/Keysound producers LV’s remix next week (Joshua Idehen collaborated with LV on the album “Routes”which was cited as one of both Mixmag and Fact magazines’ “Albums of the Year” dontchaknow!) Also look out for great videos (and I ain’t talking about a recording and a picture of a face on YouTube) by Poejazzi favourites James Massiah and Yomi “Greeds” Sode.



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Mikill Pane’s SBTV F64

We almost almost booked Mikill Pane for our birthday bash last October; it was a choice between us and supporting Ed Sheeran (we understand the phrase  ‘it was a choice.’ was the wrong phrase) but we can forgive him because you can’t … Continue reading

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Haagen Dazs & Palestine: Bridget Minamore

What has Pralines & Cream got to do with politics you may cry? Well a hell of a lot when you’re as deft with analogy as Bridget Minamore (Rubix Collective and Point Blank Poets) We love how Bridget interweaves her personable … Continue reading

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Guest Blog: Sophie Cameron’s ‘My Art’

I don’t really know what art is to be honest. When I was younger I thought art was The Hay Wain because we had a knocked off version on our wall where a window should have been. I would stand … Continue reading

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James Massiah: Tim Westwood BBC Radio 1Xtra today 4-7 pm

We love us some James Massiah, he kind of brings the Beat Generation cool factor back into poetry in his “all black everything” and trench coat look. He is also one of the most unique up and coming spoken word … Continue reading

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It’s a new era for Poejazzi: New Facebook page, website and app

We are pleased to announce that Poejazzi has a new logo and a new Poejazzi Facebook page. If you haven’t joined/rejoined the new Poejazzi page yet go and have a rummage round so you can be in on the action when we announce … Continue reading

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How to become your own genre via Samuel L. Jackson

For the spoken word artists wondering how to get to the next level here is how to become your own genre courtesy of Samuel L. Jackson: work hard, reinvent yourself if necessary, say yes to as much as humanly possible, … Continue reading

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Inua Ellams on BBC Radio 3: The Verb at 10 pm tonight

Catch Inua Ellams (still touring his show The Black T-shirt Collection in the UK) on The Verb on BBC Radio 3 tonight at 10 pm, Radio 3 The Verb the show will also be celebrating American poet Hart Crane and “the pleasures … Continue reading

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Poets reading Philip Larkin out loud…proper like.

So it seems people are beginning to see the value in performance poetry and how it can enhance the legacy of traditional poets such as Philip Larkin. Whilst established names with major literary agents and publishing deals usually appear at … Continue reading

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As Seen On Youtube: TEDxUbud- John Berkavitch

John Berkavitch is one of the UK’s finest spoken word artists. If you do not already know this, it’s your fault. He’s also responsible for one really amazing guest blog.  Go read it, it’ll make your brain smile. And if … Continue reading

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