George the Poet – Hotel Cabana

We’re clapping-and-jumping-up-and-down happy to see emerging household name George the Poet star in the trailer for the new Virgin Records/Naughtyboy Music concept album Hotel Cabana feat Emeli Sande, Tinie Tempah, Professor Green, Gabrielle, and more.  No, I am not setting you up to expect a revision of Barry Manilow’s dirtiest secret, I am setting you up to expect the unexpected because the promotional drive behind this album is uber mysterious, non explanatory, and very presumptious about the level of interest you are going to dedicate to working it all out as only a major label can afford to be! This is all I know about the album

“Hotel Cabana is a place that’s as much a metaphor as it is a geographical location, as much a state of mind as a tangible space filled with people creating and sharing the experience. Yet not everything here is always as it seems. The doorway’s the same, but the entrance can exist anywhere. Every doorway leads you back to the same place, this place, The Hotel Cabana – with some invisible force pulling the strings in this tarnished paradise.”

It has successfully managed to make me feel as if everyone else is in on Hotel Cabana and Poejazzi was off at a dentist appointment when it all happened. They are very firm about the fact that you really should all “make your reservation” but I’m always a little wary of doing what I’m told when it involves my email address and possibly my soul (are we joining a religion here? Emeli Sande is singing very beautifully about being full of “wonder” and there are very earnest levels of chanting occurring in the background.)  Until I’ve read a comprehensive interview with Naughty Boy the internet suspect in me is scared he is not a real person and Virgin have created a music-bot and a very large campaign to detract from this.  Basically I need to see more than some mantra soundbites to be fully checked into this hotel but from what we have seen thus far everything from the visuals to the music itself is super well produced and has us intrigued. We can’t wait to see what part the talented and promising George the Poet plays on this album and can be nothing but happy about poetry being included in a campaign with Kanye-like conceptual ambitions.

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Editor and Public Relations Officer
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