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Guest Blog: John Berkavitch’s ‘Time travel and the paradox of a foreign tongue’

You know that thing they say about how everyone has one teacher they always connected to. Well I have that. His name was Roger and between 1994 and 1996 he was my GCSE English teacher. Roger was a character. He … Continue reading

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As Seen On Youtube: Scrimshire Ft Heidi Vogel ‘Everything You Say’

Wah Wah 45 boss Adam Scrimshire has released a video for one of the stand-out tracks on his 2011 album The Hollow. Heidi doesn’t appear in the video (SHAAAAAAME) but Adam’s strangely compelling poker face (as well as assorted random people miming along to her … Continue reading

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Guest Blog: ‘Poetry: It’s not what you write’ By Kevin Pocock.

I’m no expert when it comes to the human condition. In fact I’d argue that I’m probably not yet an expert of my own. However, I will afford myself flexible estimates and considered opinions. Because as far as I see … Continue reading

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Poejazzi Recommends: Daniel Rossen’s Silent Hour/Golden Mile

Daniel Rossen is one fourth of alt rock band Grizzly Bear. Jay Z approves of them. He is also half of Department of Eagles. Both bands are responsible for three of the best albums I have heard in the last … Continue reading

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Poejazzi Recommends: Part Time Heroes- Light Falls

I’m not going to bully the bush; this album, I like. It’s like Cinematic Orchestra slapped Zero 7 with a Post-dubstep glove. That makes no sense. I’m saying it’s awesome. It’s gently awesome. It’s sublimely awesome. It’s stirring awesome. It’s … Continue reading

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As Seen On Vimeo: Television Is A Drug

I’ve heard a few poems about the evils of television, but none, not one has been this brilliantly close to the truth. Using Typography and some mad editing of advertising imagery, Beth Fulton brings Todd Alcott’s simple yet manically effective … Continue reading

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As Seen On Youtube: Black Ice’s What Do You See?

What the hell happed to Lemar Manson, AKA Black Ice? The man was the cream of US Spoken Word last decade. Even did a track with Pete Roc. It was the poem below, to be precise, What Do You See? This is … Continue reading

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Guest Poet: Dean Atta’s ‘Fortune Favors The Bold Poet’

Introduction: Dean Atta’s poem, ‘I Am Nobody’s Nigger’ -an direct response to the Stephen Lawrence verdict earlier this year- achieved viral success and accolades from specialist and mainstream media, culuminating in a SBTV video and a recommendation from Mrs Doreen … Continue reading

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Poejazzi Recommends Sound & Silents: Mary Pickford Revived

This is a wicked idea: you show three classic silent short films – all starring Canadian Hollywood pioneer Mary Pickford– and then you commission three cutting edge female musicians  to create new compositions to soundtrack each short. EVERYBODY WINS. EYES AND … Continue reading

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