It’s a new era for Poejazzi: New Facebook page, website and app


We are pleased to announce that Poejazzi has a new logo and a new Poejazzi Facebook page. If you haven’t joined/rejoined the new Poejazzi page yet go and have a rummage round so you can be in on the action when we announce our relaunch event line up next week! It’s also full of arts news, music and spoken word artists we think you might like to see more of. Aside from the superficial changes this year Poejazzi will be expanding into publishing and releasing the first in a (hopefully) long line of apps. The first app (Season 1) in the Poejazzi series will feature 16 poets over the duration of 16 weeks, we’re releasing them in seasons, you know…like the telly…but without Kim Kardashian…Anyway in our quest to entertain you we hereby promise to never spam you and to only post things on our wall that will make you smile/want to dance/feel inspired. 2012 will also see the introduction of our new website and a blog network featuring some of our favourite spoken word artists/commentators. We’ll be keeping you updated with announcements on Facebook so go and like the page so you can keep up with our crazy journey and how to get involved.


About Charlotte Morgan Nwokenna

Editor and Public Relations Officer
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