Benin City release Baby for your audio pleasure


Benin City have finally released their secret weapon! the twisted, haunting, post dub step-jazz-indie fusion that is “Baby”. This Marc Pell (Micachu and the Shapes) co-produced gem is a definite change in direction for the band, who have pared it all down (less is more until the climatic burst of sounds you did not expect) and let all the words and spaces between the notes do the talking and yet they have not departed entirely from the jazz and hip hop roots of their original sound. Show your support so more people are encouraged to write great music and create unique soundscapes rather than follow trends. It’s unique without being in any way non-pleasurable, everyone can relate to the story behind this dream like bittersweet love song and it would be very difficult to deny its hypnotic effect no matter what kind of music you’re into. It is catchy without being irritating: it will creep beautifully and insidiously into your brain without you wanting to stop pressing repeat. Buy it when it comes out but for now just bask in it (you can only bask in a song like this) Watch out for the Hyperdub/Keysound producers LV’s remix next week (Joshua Idehen collaborated with LV on the album “Routes”which was cited asone of both Mixmag and Fact magazines’ “Albums of the Year” dontchaknow!) Also look out for great videos (and I ain’t talking about a recording and a picture of a face on YouTube) by Poejazzi favourites James Massiah and Yomi “Greeds” Sode.



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