Haagen Dazs & Palestine: Bridget Minamore


What has Pralines & Cream got to do with politics you may cry? Well a hell of a lot when you’re as deft with analogy as Bridget Minamore (Rubix Collective and Point Blank Poets) We love how Bridget interweaves her personable style with political ideals. Haagen Dazs & Palestine is a wonderfully deceptive poem that doesn’t trivialise heavier subject matters with the juxtaposition of ice cream; instead Bridget gives us an honest portrayal of the human thought process, which can lead us quite acceptably from why we can’t all indulge in ice cream to why we can’t all be equals. The next generation of poetry needs someone like Bridget to illuminate things that matter without being overbearing , cynical or humourless. We listen more when we are engaged rather than dictated to and in this poem particularly Bridget strikes the balance just right. If you’re not already a fan we hope you will be when Bridget joins our blog network later this year. In the meantime catch up with her on her blog where she posts poetry and muses on everything from current affairs to her literature in general. You can also catch her at Camp Bestival on 28th July in the Poejazzi take-over of the Satin Lizard Lounge hosted by Joshua Idehen in the East Lulworth Literary Institute.


About Charlotte Morgan Nwokenna

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