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Dubstep Poetry: Hit By A Rock’s Surgery, Feat Raymond Antrobus

When the dark eye of ‘Mainstream Acceptance’ has left dubstep, live bands and poets will claim what is left of it with an iron fist. If you want to be be up there on the mountain top with me yelling … Continue reading

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As Seen on Youtube: ‘ARTist’ created by Mukhtar O.S Mukhtar featuring Anthony Anaxagorou

Well, this is a surprise. Normally I abstain from poetry/dance hybrids. Nothing in my mind says ‘FAIL’ louder than a leotard/tights wearing performer reenacting a penguin’s epileptic fit in a creatively desperate bid to bring a stanza to life.  I … Continue reading

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Poejazzi Shorts: Shakka

We’re happy to gift you another of our Poejazzi Shorts, this time we got Shakka to sit still for a while in-between that busy schedule (it’s only going to get busier) and all that energy he’s got and talk those inimitable Shakkapellas … Continue reading

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Poetry Parnassus – Rain of Poems at The Southbank Centre

See similar goings on as this poetry ‘bombing’ video at The Southbank Centre’s Rain of Poems in conjunction with their Poetry Parnassus where you can witness the awesome sight of 100,000 poems by over 300 contemporary poets from 204 countries fall … Continue reading

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Benin City Collaborates with Poets James Massiah and Yomi ‘Greeds’ Sode on Song Baby

So over 10,000 views and a month later here is the full manifestation of Benin City’s spoken word roots realised with the help of James Massiah in his abstract take on Benin City’s twisted love story. Massiah’s Baby Pt. II … Continue reading

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Poejazzi Reading List – Michael Robbins, Bridget Minamore, Natasha Trethewey, Uche Nduka and Aaron Shurin

Here’s our round up of what should be making it’s way onto your reading list this month Bridget Minamore – Ice Cream Manifesto  Bridget Minamore believes in ice cream and human rights hence the title. The booklet came about through … Continue reading

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Inua Ellams Crowd Sourcing Poetry With Project ‘Represent’- Do You Think Your Voice is Heard?

Our Poejazzi resident super hero, Inua Ellams, is coming to the (much needed) rescue of the government (sans cape but with rather nice glasses on) in his Apples and Snakes funded project Represent. Represent will entail you lot engaging in … Continue reading

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Polarbear – Picaresque

We just had to share this little and very insightful moving image piece/mini doc on Polarbear by animator/poet/photographer Jaron Lionel. It features Lionel’s cool illustrations and some pretty scenery but the most interesting aspect of it all is definitely hearing Polarbear … Continue reading

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As seen on Youtube: Akala on Amaru Don TV

Seriously loving this: Amaru Don interviews Akala on black prison/education culture and surviving in the music industry. Worth ten minutes of your time.

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Mista Gee and Piqua’s Connect To Life

Someone rip up our Mista Gee fan club card; this has been up for three months and I didn’t know a thing about it! Mista Gee joins forces with DJ/Producer Pique for a moment of euphoric brilliance straight of the best parts … Continue reading

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