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‘You Should Sound Like Yourself’ A Guest Article from Sabrina Gilbert

The spoken word art form is one that draws people from many walks of life and yet in my travels I’ve found that in many cities around the country you can almost always find someone who sounds like another poet … Continue reading

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Poejazzi Recommends: Adam Scrimshire’s ‘The Hollow’

Here is a not-too-brief summary of my relationship with Adam Scrimshire so far: ‘What? he DJs? I thought he was just Dom’s friend’ ‘What? he plays guitar for Stac? I thought he was just a DJ?’ ‘What? He has an album … Continue reading

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Poejazzi Recommends: Redshift Rebel and Scroobius Pip’s Hide N Speak

Scroobius Pip has buddied up with alternative clothes-ware designers Redshift Rebels to run four ultra-intimate spoken word gigs, in four secret East London venues. Here, observe: a flyer: And they do mean intimate: only twenty people per gig. so close you can smell his beard. … Continue reading

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Poejazzi, Dec 13th at C.A.M.P Featuring Tanya Auclair

We’ve already gushed over Tanya Auclair on Poejazzi on a previous blog post; she is in a class of her own right now, unique, inventive, refreshing smile-making music and you have to see her live; watching her build fantastic music all … Continue reading

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“The Castle” (For Occupy LSX): poem by Musa Okwonga

I used to work in the castle; I thought I was in it for the long and hard haul, But it turns out I was only a visitor. I used to be a solicitor, Three-piece-suited, Eton, Oxford – After two … Continue reading

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Money: or, “speeding ahead to the cliff’s edge”.

This is a very, very strange life. I should probably say at this point that, in the grand scheme of things, I do not have real problems. I am able-bodied, reasonably sound of mind, I have an excellent education and … Continue reading

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Poejazzi Recommends: G.R.E.E.D.S Ready EP Launch, 3rd Dec, Hoxton Bar & Kitchen

Only his second release of the year, Yomi aka G.R.E.E.D.S’ work rate and output has been exemplary; the summer’s Sampler #5 was a definite 2011 highlight (seriously: go check the Sampler Series if you haven’t already; the most underrated body … Continue reading

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“Pig City”, an amazing new video from The King’s Will

Hi all, Musa here. Just under a month till the live launch of The King’s Will, my new music project, and so I thought I’d post up this amazing new video that Naomi Gilbert did for our new track, “Pig … Continue reading

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“A Want” by Joshua Idehen, on the UK riots

A Want To know you’re in safe hands. Whether you utter a bang or a whimper you’ll be heard in this wasteland. All people are equal, all dealt the same hand. To believe in the due process; law me and … Continue reading

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Skreams of delight for Jodi

In news that couldn’t make me more excited, Jodi Ann Bickley is set to collaborate with dubstep superstar Skream. I don’t know what it is about this news that makes me happiest, so I’ll have to set out my reasons … Continue reading

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