Recap – Poejazzi at The Thames Festival and Bestival

Poejazzi is suffering from a rather indulgent condition: it’s called festival fatigue and affects a small percentile of the population who make it their business to be at every festival going every summer. Over the weekend Poejazzi featured at The Thames Festival and founder Joshua Idehen worked the Bestival crowd with Dan le Sac and at the friendly behest of Scroobius Pip’s Satin Lizard Lounge. The weather was consistently fabulous  and both the gorgeous Amphitheatre and Bernie Spain Gardens were rammed full of poetry lovers, new inductees and curious sun worshippers. The weekend left us with warm, fuzzy feelings inside about the future of poetry in particular and shaking off that legacy of being a slightly dirty word, see below for a Before and After:

Before (when poetry was a dodgy word in entertainment):After (YAY!):

The Amphitheatre @ Bestival 2012

Poet Harry Baker @ Bestival 2012
Our brilliant host Yomi GREEds Sode, lovely musicians Fiona Bevan and Theo Bard, poet Deanna Rodger (Come Rhyme With Me) and king of the “Slash/Slash Generation” poet/musician/coat designer James Massiah.

Fiona Bevan @ The Thames Festival

@ Thames Festival

Joshua Idehen on the Replay stage supporting Dan le Sac @ Bestival. Watch here 

Lastly here’s a video of Mr Motivator at Bestival this year drawing a humungous crowd that rivals Poejazzi’s double whammy weekend…just for the nostalgia factor…maybe we need to invest in some acid green lyrca?


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