Benin City to support Dan le Sac on UK Tour + epic new single Accelerate

Spoken word gets an image overhaul with Benin City‘s new amazing single Accelerate, great words and sickeningly expert musicianship mean you don’t have to be a poetry fan to fall in love with Benin City’s infectious and genre bending songs. The electro-brass band are releasing yet another bold, unique offering after the success of the hypnotic song Baby. Make sure you have a read of today’s brilliant Huffington Post review if you need further convincing! (and ‘cos it’s well written and it’s midday and you may as well)  We believe that the more poetry is interweaved into various other art forms the more the poetry scene thrives and grows into something everyone will want to be part of. Benin City are doing a great job of that without their music ever feeling gimmicky or contrived whilst holding onto their spoken word roots. Which is why they are the perfect fit to support Dan le Sac on his UK tour (Oct 1 – 31st) who, in his music with Scroobius Pip, has achieved precisely the same thing.

Check out the tour schedule and watch out for tour updates via Twitter. Get your tickets before they sell out and support diverse spoken word influenced music. And if you like what you hear of Accelerate make sure you buy the single when it’s released on September 17th.


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