Poejazzi Reading List – Michael Robbins, Bridget Minamore, Natasha Trethewey, Uche Nduka and Aaron Shurin

Here’s our round up of what should be making it’s way onto your reading list this month


Bridget Minamore – Ice Cream Manifesto 

Bridget Minamore believes in ice cream and human rights hence the title. The booklet came about through The Guardian asking Bridget to be a part of their £100 Challenge – with a limited amount of money to make small booklets of poetry and to see if she can make a profit. Go on, help a sister out.

Uche Nduka – Ijele

His unique voice is a heady amalgam of Christopher Okigbo, A.R. Ammons, John Ashbery, Kamau Brathwaite, and something only Uche can bring. In reading Nduka’s poetry, the reader is encouraged to enjoy each instant, each image, while resisting the instinct to construct linear meaning in the poems. (Eel on Reef Intro)

Nigerian and New Yorkan Nduka published his previous collection, Eel on Reef, (trippy and amazing stuff) with poet/novelist Chris Abani (Becoming Abigail/Santificum) on his imprint Black Goat and his latest work has been released by Overpass Books.


Michael Robbins – Alien vs Predator

…the two things I kept thinking of were not poetry at all, but rather the short stories of George Saunders and the video art of Ryan Trecartin. As Saunders did with marketing jargon and Trecartin with reality television, Robbins congeals his suburban idyll, transforming its vacant vernacular into unsettling poignancy. And sometimes it’s even funny. (The Paris Review)


Natasha Trethewey – Thrall

‘The writer first turned to poetry when she was in college, after her mother was killed by her stepfather.

I started writing poems as a response to that great loss, much the way that people responded, for example, after 9/11. (The Guardian)

Trethewey won the Pulitzer prize for her third collection, Native Guard and is the new US Poet Laureate.


Aaron Shurin – Citizen

…transformative powers make Shurin one of the most exciting poets writing today. His explorations of prose poetry, collage, and “derived language” have allowed him to enjoy a distinguished career as a poet who defies categorisation. (Poetry Foundation)

He describes his own work as post-LSD Romanticism…note to cynical readers with stringent anti bullshit radar don’t pretend you’re not curious!


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