Inua Ellams Crowd Sourcing Poetry With Project ‘Represent’- Do You Think Your Voice is Heard?

Our Poejazzi resident super hero, Inua Ellams, is coming to the (much needed) rescue of the government (sans cape but with rather nice glasses on) in his Apples and Snakes funded project Represent. Represent will entail you lot engaging in a very secure and hygienic manner with said Ellams by responding in the form of  poems, lyrics, thoughts or just a little syntax to the question ‘Do You Think Your Voice is Heard?’ and him transforming all of the above into a poem that will hopefully be a broad political representation of the UK. Read more by way of explanation on how to get involved here and you can also watch his sort of trailer for the project below (everything worthwhile has a trailer nowadays, dontchaknow)


About Charlotte Morgan Nwokenna

Editor and Public Relations Officer
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