Rob Auton’s Yellow Party June 27th

Let’s face it…we need this people…we need The Yellow Party: the weather has been downright incomprehensible for the last week or so, it has shattered dreams and what better way to cheer ourselves up than to indulge in the most sunny (weep…”please stay”), exciting and mentally stimulating (erm according to’s symbolism and psychology section) colour! There will be yellow food available (don’t be scared…ok I’m a little scared but ultimately more curious) yellow music courtesy of the fabulous (and blonde) Fiona Bevan and yellow comedy (I don’t know either ok? but however comedy gets yellow we need to witness it) So all of this yellow is in honour of the fact that Rob Auton, poetry legend and master of the surreal, has made it the theme of his upcoming first full length Edinburgh show, aptly titled The Yellow Show. Dress code for the party is of course yellow (probably not mandatory but seeing as your summer clothes are of little use at the moment for more than a few days at a time we should just take emotional refuge in adorning ourselves in a fun colour, no?)

Get your tickets in advance fast as they’re limited and I figure my theories about needing some metaphorical (and actual please) sun and our collective summer state of mind are not too wide of the mark.


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