Unique Voices: This Sunday at Poejazzi

At Poejazzi we try our damnedest to be a little smart curating our events and this time we want you to feel like you’ve witnessed some modern soulful music and spoken word. For us, modern soulful sounds encompass multiple genres and soulful spoken word combines poetry with a distinct form of musicality.  So we’ve got one of poetry’s most promising  and memorable voices Alex Gwyther combining universal observations with a hip hop delivery.

We have The Insomniax: The Poetic Soundsystem reinventing the sound system from what is traditionally associated with dub music to a poetry tour de force with warped beats and a mixture of funny, truthful and poignant anecdotes on anything from macaroni and cheese to how to navigate life ‘on road’ (see EP Green Cross Code) They’re always looking towards the future musically without losing a sense of the times we live in, check out their heavy remake of Radiohead’s Idioteque above.

We can’t wait for you to see Shakka with a full live band and we hope he will be the future subject of many a conversation with his seamless melding of indie, hip hop and R&B. His ability to shape shift musically puts him in a similar vein to Frank Ocean, The Weekend and Drake but unlike his Alternative R&B peers his music is not as downbeat and can lead you somewhere pensive but this is tempered by him being a genuinely entertaining performer who can transform other artist’s songs into something joyous with his Shakkapellas (watch him put together Gotye’s Somebody That I Used To Know and Usher’s Climax with Basement Jaxx’ singer Vula and see how he makes the song sound full with his own vocal instrumentation)

We also have headline act Scrimshire performing songs from album The Hollow (that featured artists such as Stac, The Hackney Colliery Band, Heidi Vogel and a dance floor necessary remix from Hyperdub’s LV) with a full live band. On it Scrimshire fuses electronica, folk and afro beats in a way that he evokes:

“an actual physical journey to a mythical “hollow” – my ultimate, dream hiding place. The best tree, the greatest crater in the woods, the most perfectly hidden opening with trees grown perfectly for sitting in and staring around for hours”

We’ve also got the majestic Cinematic Orchestra collaborator, Heidi Vogel, who makes Madonna look sluggish with the amount of times she has surprised us with a new sound, she oscillates between latin, soul, folk and pop music effortlessly.

Don’t miss a chance to see all of these atypical artists in the same room on Sunday 10th June We can’t promise you it won’t get a little sweaty: we do like our words pretty loud at Poejazzi which we’re pretty sure is going to lead to happiness inducing movements. Buy your ticket here!


About Charlotte Morgan Nwokenna

Editor and Public Relations Officer
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