Brainchild Festival 29 June – 1July, Wokingham


Poet Bridget Minamore, who will be joining the Poejazzi blog network later in the year, is one of the brains behind the curation of the Brainchild Festival and it looks absolutely fantastic. Brainchild is not your usual overpriced summer festival fodder, it’s a festival of ideas! Envision with music, poetry, films and comedy. Reasons to book tickets right now include:

1. It’s the first year and tickets are only £45 for the weekend…so not only will you be one of the first to have ventured into Brainchild territory but you’ll also be saving a bucketload of money making this one of/your only festival outing this summer. 

2. You can see the best out of the newer spoken word artists out there and some well known favourites: Sean Mahoney, Bridget Minamore, Jodi Ann Bickley, Harry Baker, James Massiah, Chimene Suleyman, and 2011 Roundhouse Slam champion Zia Ahmed to name but a few!

3. Cool music courtesy of acts such as Martyna Baker and Pandr Eyez. There are also a refreshing amount of acts that we haven’t heard of yet but that makes it all the more exciting: you want to discover new acts at festivals as well as test out the ones you love.

4. They’re showing several films including Funny Face starring Audrey Hepburn, Howl (the biopic on Allen Ginsberg) and Pray The Devil (a film about a small group of Liberian women making a big difference): the range of genres is just really awesome and broadminded.

5. They have idea rallies like “From Suffragettes to Slutwalk”, “Video Games as Art” and “The Politics of Graffiti”: there’s something for everyone! 

6. I’m guessing because of how small and individual this festival is they’ll be some damn good food stalls going on and aren’t we all a little over paying too much moula for mediocre brand obsessed food at festivals.

Oh and there’ll be a bouncy castle too apparently so because they’ll probably only be about 500 people on site it’s going to feel like an overgrown children’s birthday party. Yay!

Buy tickets here and we’ll see you there!


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