The Insomniax: The latest act to be announced for Poejazzi June!


“The fragile state of the world ‘economy’; the perilously fragile state of Arsenal’s defence; going to a club without being able to pull. These are just some of the issues dear to the hearts of singers, songwriters, MC’s, producers and multi-instrumentalists Kai Gama and Dr Sydney Velvet: two brothers who together make up The Insomniax – The Poetic Sound System™.”


We love how The Insomniax make futuristic, slightly trippy music: like their name there is something about their music that suggests the space and time between sleeping and dreaming and the kind of weird clarity you can gain at 4 am. We also love how they bend genres and are always expanding their sound and their identity which is why we thought they would be perfect for our relaunch line up. Another thing we seem to have in common is a love of multimedia, with their maverick attitude to music it isn’t surprising that the new EP Love She Wants will be followed by a short film because The Poetic Sound System encompasses a lot more than just sound dontchaknow. The Insomniax effortlessly combine conscientiousness with screw face inducing beats that create the sense that going out can be a multidimensional experience (thought and skanking suddenly becoming all the more possible) Kai Gama provides the narratives as a spoken word artist and former Brit School pupil and producer/vocalist Dr Sydney Velvet transforms stories into magic just as he has for the likes of Roses Gabor, Roll Deep and Idris Elba.

You can keep up with them on their website (side note: all their branding is very cool and worthing checking out also) and listen to their critically acclaimed releases: The Green Cross Code EP and The Macaroni Cheese mix tape. They also host a monthly slot on NTS radio. Make sure you watch out for our amazing interview with them in the next couple of weeks and get inside the consciousness of 4am the right way.


About Charlotte Morgan Nwokenna

Editor and Public Relations Officer
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