Shakka: First act announced for Poejazzi in June!

If you haven’t heard of him yet, you really should have! Not just because he is one of the most unique artists we’ve come across in a long time but also because his talent, attention to detail and video editing skills (see the video of Coldplay cover God Put a Smile Upon Your Face) have catapulted him from a well guarded secret to a burgeoning national treasure with features spanning the atlantic such as this one in Clutch magazine. Over 300,000 views on YouTube and an award winning mixtape later here we are! We’ve been chomping at the bit for months to create any opportunity to show you how amazing he is live as well as on record. Shakka for us represents all the ingredients that make up a star; not just an artist, or a great singer but also a star. He is enigmatic on stage and off, (as you’ll see in our interview with him in the next couple of weeks!) and he can adapt any melody to something that stands apart from the original and sometimes can arguably improve upon it. He blends a high level of craftsmanship and great intuition seamlessly, he writes beautifully and his voice is like a hybrid of all the most distinctive ones: a bit of Bob Marley, a bit of Stevie Wonder…but never lacking in his unique intonations and personality.  If we were to define luxury I suppose we could say it is the illusion of necessity and the love of excess. Listening to Shakka is the ultimate luxury: it feels excessively good and he becomes vital listening. Keep up with his ascent on his Facebook page, have a listen to the award winning mixtape if you haven’t already found yourself hooked and watch out for that fantastic interview.


About Charlotte Morgan Nwokenna

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2 Responses to Shakka: First act announced for Poejazzi in June!

  1. Hello,
    What date in June will this be?

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