“A Want” by Joshua Idehen, on the UK riots

A Want

To know you’re in safe hands. Whether you utter a bang or a whimper you’ll be heard in this wasteland. All people are equal, all dealt the same hand. To believe in the due process; law me and young men on opposite sides of the fence each regarding the other as suspect. To approach your child’s killer demanding respect, pressure underwater like Loch Ness, a few choice words clear the unrest and yet be answered callously, brushed to the side casually, a mix of rage and apathy, you feel it’s always been and you know in your heart it’ll always be and you are so chewed up by the wolf in your chest you’re howling

A Want

To say fuck it, chase justice away and make good the entrance for vengeance. To be with strangers on road united in a wordless statement it’s frightening having this much presence. To belong to something bigger than a job centre queue. To wash your grievances in the dark with a horde to your sides and your back, go menace, cause mayhem, make madness. To bruise your home so badly the world knows you’re alive, to not care if they don’t. To set something alight. To face down the law even if it’s just for a night, place your lips to mob power and sip, feel big, like Caesar. To roam on road and stride, not run. To not just be there when Rome burns, but to hold the torch. To Hulk smash, mad dash, grab cash cuz you’re no fool just brave, just foolish. Let’s face it: no one raids the pirate ship and leaves the booty

To want things

To be part of a movement, a moment, a long weekender that wasn’t all about the young, skint and vex do you want in? To hear the tales in a tongue that you speak have you seen all the ting that I did, bruv, do you know all the stuff that I got? DUDE you want in? You only live once, meet up at Croydon let’s have a dance and you want things so much because you’ve been told to. To be possessed by possessions you want to possess. To answer the adverts that ask for you wherever you standing still, like they’re following you around; bus-stops, phone-booths, cubicles. To window shop and follow through. To get the must-haves not the hand-downs from Oxfam, to buy in without buying in, you know the lottery’s rigged mean and if your time is right and you play it right you too can get the best things, just like the parliament got expenses, just like the bankers got our taxes, just like the media got your voicemail, the music fan got mp3s and cops got their envelopes. How can they say we can’t emulate, when they taught us everything in this city can be taken if you just want it enough

Everybody wants here.

What I want

I want it to end. Make amends. I want to care more for people than property. I want the country to heal properly, I want us to bring back hug a hoodie, what and who we lost, clean off the dust. Failing that, I want to move to Norway where the leader isn’t a complete dick.

I want to know I’m in safe hands.


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