As seen on Youtube: The Wolfman, by Tim Hope.

I am the Wolfman! I hate being bored and I can  punch suns!

The first time I saw this was in it’s playstation 2 ad incarnation waaaaay back in 2000, back when Sony were pushing The Third Place campaign and all sorts of Daivd Lynch absurbities were splattered on telly. A scientist monologues his transformation into werewolf, soundtracked by Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring. Written, beautifully animated and directed by Tim Hope, the rampant delivery in the final third, coupled by the utter absurdity of  the subject matter -A werewolf that rides rockets? okay- is still mesmerising to this day.

It’s six minutes, but worth it. You have six minutes, no?


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Poet, Frontman to alt hip hop band Benin City. Founder of Poem inbetween People. Co Founder of Spoken word/music night Poejazzi. Workshopper. Lover of all things horror/scifi/fantasy/tech related. Host. Semi bad man.
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