“9/11”, a poem by Musa Okwonga

The eleventh of September; yes,
I remembered,
Thanks to the Guardian –
Who live-tweeted the evil long after it was over,
Stealing my closure
And now I was back at that
Awful day,
When, at law school,
I was called away from class
To bear witness.
And now I relived it.

I had to stop and stand awhile
Leaning against a lamppost
As I thought of it,
My chest so hollow.
And then I looked up to see
A couple hugging,
And a man extending a hand to an old friend,
And I moved on from where I’d stood, since
The true tribute is to continue.


About Charlotte Morgan Nwokenna

Editor and Public Relations Officer
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2 Responses to “9/11”, a poem by Musa Okwonga

  1. FU says:


    Surrounded, cold
    Alone, dumbfounded.

    I haven’t walked away from it,
    Although the site has since vanished
    I’m trying,
    To reach you.

    And I loved the power of flight,
    Birds and supersonic jets,
    Big things we fail
    To appreciate
    The small, we tend to forget.

    Do you remember me,
    Like I do you.

  2. Tom F says:

    It has become a ‘where were you’ moment.

    Surrounded, cold, crowded;
    alone, dumbfounded.

    We have not walked on, it seems,
    brick and mortar, long gone.
    You don’t need our laser beams.

    I’m still trying to find you.

    And I once loved,
    The power of flight.

    Birds and supersonic jets.

    Big things we fail to appreciate
    Smaller we tend to forget.

    Do you remember me
    Like I do you?

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