Guest poem by Simon Deasy, “tots units fem força (all together we are strong)”

Simon Deasy contacted Poejazzi via Twitter with this fine poem, “tots units fem força”. He was inspired to write it when contrasting the rapturous scenes of the Barcelona-Real Madrid game with what took place in the shadows outside the home team’s stadium. Simon, who whilst not turning a phrase as sharply as Johann Cruyff, is a clinical hypnotherapy specialist; you can follow him on Twitter at

tots units fem força (all together we are strong)

i went in for one and then home
five large wide flat-screens burnt with light
ten pm our time
one minute to kick off Catalonia time
sometimes I thought
God wants you to have more than one!

inside the bowl of light
were eighty thousand or so glowing souls
like a fog light hitting grains of white rice
in a see-through bag

inside the light
Leo Messi stretched
the greatest player there
and maybe under any floodlights ever!

Cristiano Ronaldo’s tan seemed to be tanning
the faces and necks of those stood around him
a face so bright that against the white of the Real Madrid shirt
it looked like mahogany coloured blood,

and my mind could not help but wander
away from the light
out into the dark
where emerging from a doorway
came a girl
moving from where she’d leant
in-front of winded down steel shutters
that look to be hard but are not
the kind that are soft

if you are ever drunk enough to test them

they can absorb any impact
if ever they are impacted upon

and they just straighten up
and they look just like they did before
as if they had never been touched
like many others that line Las Ramblas at night,

inside the light
Leo Messi lifted
a slick wet ball
over an
on-rushing keeper
like a man moving a flame with his fingers
as if to the eye without touch,

away from the light, in the dark, nearby
a girl led the way upward
to light
and a lady left
and a man stayed
watching the landlady leaving
thinking like
maybe he might be the one getting fucked,

inside the light
Leo Messi met a low ball
his body shape perfection
as if improvised in the moment by Michelangelo’s soul
and the sound!
leather and lace
sweet as a nut
whatever the fuck that might mean
and eighty thousand or so lights were ignited
brighter than before
in a moment of magnitude and shared meaning
and then slowly they regained consciousness
one by one
and remembered what they were
and were not

and they looked at each-other lost
like an insight in an orgasm

away from the light, in the dark, nearby
an African girl dressed
and she thought of someone unlucky
and she loved him still
and she thought of him and him only
not lucky enough to have made it
to mainland Europe

a muscular Montague
a light left behind,

on the other side of the bed
a white sweat-coated body staggered
dragging a black shirt over a hairy
fat-padded back,

This year
for the first time in their history
the Barcelona team
wear a black shirt
I bought one
59 bucks it cost me
I’ve washed it
once so far
and while I had it inside out
on the underside of the Barcelona badge
I saw written
tots units fem força
but I don’t know what that means

Inside the light
Leo Messi clutched the badge
and dragged it and drew it to his lips
and then he kissed it
and roars echoed
around eighty thousand mouths
and as he ran through the rain that fell in lit-up sheets
it looked almost like something complete
instead of what it was
a million little bits of a different size

and then Leo’s lips left
and a grabbed shirt relaxed
and words came to rest on a chest

away from the light
in the darkness


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One Response to Guest poem by Simon Deasy, “tots units fem força (all together we are strong)”

  1. Sergio says:

    Tots Units Fem Força, Indeed!! Visca Barça i Visca Catalunya. Wondeful poem, The spanish clasico is truly bigger than any other World Sport final in the world with global ratings to prove it! FC Barcelona is playing incredible football and Cules worldwide from across the world have united in force with this club.

    Mes que un club,

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