Tanya Auclair: Thrum and Origami.

Two Things:

1. I’m going to try and get through a review of a talented female British artist and only mention Bjork once. Done.

2. I’m going to crack one bad joke: Tanya’s future seems ‘All Clear.’ Done.

Sorry about that. Here’s a picture of a pretty woman to make everything better

Making up for bad jokes since 2011

If today’s music scene was a nuclear family, then Tanya would be the black sheep, who’s made it a life mission to stand so far out from everyone it’s a surprise her sore name isn’t Thumbelina (Get it?! Thumb? Sore/sur? stand out? I’ll post another picture soon) her songs are a gathering of ukeleles, guitars, sticks, drums, mbira and delicious MicroKorg synths blending effortlessly with her layered vocal harmonies to create that spine tingling feeling of joyous lightness I get when i’m listening to good new music; at times it sounds like a campfire singalong got invaded by New York hipster who’s got a wonderfully weird way around lyricism (example’ You’re a dot dot dot:’ when was the last time you heard of a person imagined as an ellipses?). Both of her Solo EPs (Thrum, and the most recent one, Origami) are tiny yet perfectly scuptured moments of fresh brilliance, and if I haven’t already made the point: my girlfriend does not buy music, at all. Seeing Tanya once, she bought all her material.

I keep all my promises.

And like a certain Greatest Female Artist I Will Not Mention, Tanya must be seen live. Seriously. On her own. It’s an experience unlike anything you will see on the local live circuit this year: Tanya (thanks to the seemingly ubiquitous Loop Pedal and a few other instruments) creates all the sounds/vocal melodies for her songs by herself. Watching her build personal highlight ‘Origami’ from scratch, like a wizard architect making mansions of thin air, is a real, giddying thrill. Again, seriously; for some stupid reason Tanya is neither signed nor managed at the time of the article, I implore you go and see her perform before you say things like ‘oh that’s too expensive for me.’ It will be worth it, twice over. But buy her EP too.

Here’s her doing Origami.

Check Thrum here, and buy Origami here.

Her next gig is 2nd Sept, doing a live refix/rescore of Black Orpheus at the QEH. You have been waaaaaarned.


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