As seen on Vimeo//Prosoulytes Feat Yungun- Mix Shake and Stir

The great mysteries of the world: Who really shot JFK? Are there aliens out there? Is Tupac alive? What was Nick Clegg thinking? is there really a God? and most important of all, when the blazes is Yungun going to release his next album?!

I’ve heard there are only seven copies existing in the known universe, and the breaking of their Protective Seals will herald the apocalypse, angels and demons taking to bloody war whilst the greatest rap album known to man provided the soundtrack. Probably. Tis what I heard.

But until then, here’s a video with Yungun being awesome over a sweet jazzy-hop beat whilst his body gets chopped three ways.


About idehen

Poet, Frontman to alt hip hop band Benin City. Founder of Poem inbetween People. Co Founder of Spoken word/music night Poejazzi. Workshopper. Lover of all things horror/scifi/fantasy/tech related. Host. Semi bad man.
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