Guest Post: G.R.E.E.D.S and Darwood’s “Gritty City”

HA! Back then I used to listen to music or have my TV on whilst I slept, some (mother) thought it purely wasted electric, I beg to differ.

This one time though changed my life. Slightly dramatic but, really, it did.

Now, I am not sure what time in the AM the video below aired but it reminded me of how “urban” films on terrestrial TV seem to only show when every one was asleep. All I remember was that there was no music, just words.

Darwood’s Gritty City was not my introduction to poetry, however, it was the only poetry video at the time that aired on MTV, regardless of whatever crackhead hour and I wanted to see more.

Pitty though because that video was made in 2006, and to date, I have yet to see such a thing happen again on any music channel.

I wonder why?

I bumped into him last year and thanked him for highlighting just what can be achieved.

Darwood, here’s to you and your contribution.

Lastly, I wonder how open the big bods were to airing the video?


[Editor] For all who don’t know G.R.E.E.D.S, get to know…he’s currently doing big things with poetry, and has some must-see videos of his own.  Find out more here:


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