The Twitter Workshop No2 Selection: Wil Conway.

Hello readers,

Yesterday (and early this month for all your twitter followers) wordsmith champ and graphic designer par excellence that is Inua Ellams ran our second live twitter workshop. Every five minutes from 8pm we posted rules you could follow/bend/break, the only guarantee was at the end of the adventure you’d be staring at a piece of writing. Hurray, achievements!

Thanks to everyone who joined us on this productive and exciting journey. As promised, here are some of the entries sent to us.

Wil Conway

I’m just sat here staring at the wall, it’s white that’s all
Well ok maybe it’s beige, but blank like this page
Maybe I’m supposed to put up some kind of poster
But where would I start? I guess its emptiness is art

Ha! Now I do recall once in Italy decorating a wall
Years ago on holiday when outside was miserable and grey
Nobody was impressed by my childish depictions of breasts
As I didn’t get approval I was tasked then with their removal

Michaelangelo I’ll never be. I’m snapped out of my reverie
I suddenly turn around when I hear an odd wailing sound
Could be the washing machine, the cat, or more obscene
A housemate’s shower song in key and words that are wrong

Most likely it’s the cat in its ongoing territorial spat
With other felines in the area. Next door’s cat is scarier
Sometimes he just sits there in the window staring in
Our cat’s all tense until I scare him back over the fence

He’s a brazen little chap and I want to give him a slap
In fact no one knows I sometimes spray him with the hose
I guess that I should be ashamed of my cruel petty game
But he puts my housemate in a mood and eats her cat’s food.

‘But where would I start? I guess its emptiness is art’ hmmm *clips fingers*

PS: If you would like to try your hand at the workshop, here are the rules:

 1) Each verse: 60 words max!
 2) 5 mins max to write each verse.
 3) Poem can be entirely real or fictional.
 4) We start in 5mins!
1) You are sitting in a room. Describe it.
Settle on one solitary object, describe its shade of colour.
2) The colour reminds you of an incident from your childhood.
What happened?
3) You hear a noise outside the window, but instead of investigating,
you imagine 3 things it might be.
 4) Expand on the last imagined scenario.
Include a figure, a person you do not know.
5) Describe this person in detail, walking to your window, peering in at you from outside.
 6) Say something about how this person makes you feel.
PPS: You can find more writing from Wil Conway here

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