The Twitter Workshop No2 Selection: Rob Self-Pierson

Hello readers,

Yesterday (and early this month for all your twitter followers) wordsmith champ and graphic designer par excellence that is Inua Ellams ran our second live twitter workshop. Every five minutes from 8pm we posted rules you could follow/bend/break, the only guarantee was at the end of the adventure you’d be staring at a piece of writing. Hurray, achievements!

Thanks to everyone who joined us on this productive and exciting journey. As promised, here are some of the entries sent to us.

Rob Self Pierson AKA… @robselfpierson

A fire crackles, smells,
light licks the room,
smoke circulates, leaves itself on us all
One flame leaps like a splash from a pond
I’m transfixed, alight,
alive beside the fire
and now alone.
In smoke, away from home,
before a golden life, and white,
white light like snow
But warm
As warm as distant sun

I’m a sunflower
and Harvest Festival is burning on the horizon
They’ve dressed me in tight yellow and oranges
And a hat, almost a sombrero
But instead it’s sun.
I stand and speak
Just a couple of years before nerves kick in
Confident, in control,
an arrogant sun in a world of his own

There’s a deer outside rustling in the rubbish
Must be
Scrabbling in last night’s bottles
Nosing through last night’s spice
Steaming through last night’s condoms

It must be rain
Heavy, thunderous, knocking at the window
wanting to come in because now the
sun’s gone and the deer’s here
and the wind’s strong.
And I’m alone.
But for a last-quarter moon
An old friend, half-alive,
looking half across and half down
at Endymion, alone by a fire

or it’s Nan
Back at the window like her tinkling man
Phones late at night
Wakes Dad and tells him the man
who urinates outside the window
is urinating outside the window
And he won’t stop
Streams not dreams
Draining into Nan’s nights
Stealing Nan from our lives

I don’t know his name
I don’t want to know his name
Just leave Nan alone
What’s she ever done to you?
He’s probably drunk
but he doesn’t exist
On drugs
but he doesn’t exist
I know he hates Nan because
she says
In her garish pink nail vanish,
Between her fake Ming
Between her children
Between her grandchildren
He’s between her ears

As a boy I wanted to know you,
As an adult I want to find you,
understand you
You didn’t kill anyone, just tinkled
You didn’t hate anyone, just tinkled
You didn’t do anything, just tinkled
I don’t know you
I can’t know you
So I can’t know her and what you did to her
Just that you don’t exist any more

Flipping Dark.  Very emotional. Brilliant.

PS: If you would like to try your hand at the workshop, here are the rules:

 1) Each verse: 60 words max!
 2) 5 mins max to write each verse.
 3) Poem can be entirely real or fictional.
 4) We start in 5mins!
1) You are sitting in a room. Describe it.
Settle on one solitary object, describe its shade of colour.
2) The colour reminds you of an incident from your childhood.
What happened?
3) You hear a noise outside the window, but instead of investigating,
you imagine 3 things it might be.
 4) Expand on the last imagined scenario.
Include a figure, a person you do not know.
5) Describe this person in detail, walking to your window, peering in at you from outside.
 6) Say something about how this person makes you feel.
PPS: As well as being an accomplished writer himself, Rob works with the artist collaboration organisation known as 26

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Poet, Frontman to alt hip hop band Benin City. Founder of Poem inbetween People. Co Founder of Spoken word/music night Poejazzi. Workshopper. Lover of all things horror/scifi/fantasy/tech related. Host. Semi bad man.
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