Review: AKS: The Bus Stop EP


ALBUM: The Bus Stop EP

OUT: Now (duh)


‘I’ve been sitting at this bus stop/ever since me and my talent had a bust up‘ It feels like I’m jumping on the bandwagon with this review. The Bus Stop EP’s been out for yonks. Everyone with half a social media brain has been singing its praises like AKS wore Jesus sandals and rode the beat like a donkey. What exactly am I going to say that hasn’t already been said? Go and buy it? Your mom probably told you to, and she thinks ‘hip hop’ is slang for R Kelly’s golden shower technique. Glossy production? Check. Unique, exciting, genius wordplay? there in spades, bruv. Humm-able melodies? ‘Blame it on her,’ got the hum and the memorable lines and then some.

Delicious Samples? ‘Soul or Sold’ has some violin crazy bits that make me daydream of being a 70’s Superman with Medusa dreads biting at the air, punching helicopters that transform into Mega Ken Clarke or something outta the sky. What about features? Welcome rising Kamara Kadija soulstar  on ‘Truth be Told,’ donating a very fat heart to the chorus. This is a slice of good old Honest-to-God hip hop, one eye on Biggie and the other measuring Jay Z up.

If there is one thing I would’ve liked to have seen more of: a deeper, personal insight with regards to the narrative. AKS is a deft hand with the rap song archetypes he employs (frustated-writer on bus stop, gracious-lover on ‘blame it on her,’ I’m-doing-me on ‘Truth be Told’) there is no doubt AKS is is lyrically one of the best new MCs in the UK; when he does let us peek through the curtain into his world, his real really real world,
it can be disarmingly touching: ‘Though my mom and dad aren’t exactly a tag team/they raised a champion…’ Minor niggles, though: There is enough evidence to suggest this young man would do many things if we all just put our hands in pockets and supported. So support. Buy it. Go on, then.

Download: Truth be Told, Soul or Sold


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