As seen on Youtube: Sunni Patterson

A plague of spiders on spoken word artists who make performances look easy. It’s not easy.

This is the problem with Youtube. You watch someone, like Sunni Patterson, and oh look, here’s another video of her playing lyric masterchef. Swish swish, chatter, applause. Just like that. And another, and another, and oh, another. So many four to eight minute vids of an often bald New Orleans native murdering unsuspecting stages, zero of her caught on, say, an off day where totally makes a pig’s ear of her best poem and goes all Gordon Ramsey having an affair and loses her shit. Like you do. Not one video, no matter how many times you search.

Sunni Patterson is a marvel. Her use of imagery is deliciously vivid and, as you’ll see/hear in the video below, often violent, beautifully bleak. Clear, concise, passionate and well paced and the good kind of bright shiny positivity that doesn’t feel like you’ve just mistakingly let a (insert religious fanatic/self righteous (insert insult here)) stroll into your head and squat on your brain. I get the impression she eloqutes like that all the time, she orders Pizza on the phone and tells her children off with that same kinda gravitas in her voice, which is what all spoken word writers should be like, really.

Watch, then agree with me, damn you.


About idehen

Poet, Frontman to alt hip hop band Benin City. Founder of Poem inbetween People. Co Founder of Spoken word/music night Poejazzi. Workshopper. Lover of all things horror/scifi/fantasy/tech related. Host. Semi bad man.
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