Batch 4: Nathaniel & Bayan.

On the 2nd of Feb, Poejazzi tweeted a series of instructions to completing the first draft of a poem. The instructions were loose and created space for personal interpretation resulting, there are some of the poems.

-How to Use Tea Tree
by Nathaniel Nye
Playing football all day, sweat drips of the skin,
the perspiration like plants in the greenhouse,
the price you pay for hours of play, got a date later,
but i’ll play till dawn for the love,
for the tender or tough touch of the ball on my feet,

Thoughts of the Empress I’m heading late to meet, enter the mind,
I gotta get ready, skin on face so oily,
could cook a fry up with the sweat, if thats what your into,
but i got the thing that cleans, sucking up oil in spots, like USA in Iraq
and other such places,

enough of the thinking, sun set-time to go, bye lads,
i’m hitting the pad, got to get home, rush to the shower, the ADvert plays
thoughts in my mind, of my natural trick that will do the job quick,
two drops in the hand, hits to the face and the body, water to follow,
to avoid the sensation of heat burn,

oh shit what is that? never saw that before but an enemy appeared,
pussing its white flag, but I have no mercy, like my USA similie,
War on terror, and Bin Laden seems to be screaming Jihad on my face,
gotta get more of that tea tree, dropping drops that will be bombs
on cheek, hoping the skin don’t singe!

Fast forward sitting in the cinema, hand touching her distant shoulder,
she smiles, I smile back, its too dark, she can’t see the crater crack,
on the other side of my face. This date’s going great. 🙂

by Bayan Lulu

1.    I looked at picture of my mother,
Pre-marriage days,
A sepia tone without the photoshop,
She hated red lips,
But even in shades of brown,
Her lips become the epitome of every lover’s home,
Crushed pomegranate seeds never gave me that look.

2.    The girl at the counter scans in the product
And smirks,
The lack of foundation, mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow
Gives her the idea that ‘cherries in snow’ is a bold move,
I hate her,
I still can’t help but go into boots and look for her shade in lipstick,

3.    The tiny bathroom in the bar has one mirror,
The woman behind me waits patiently for her turn
She came in with her husband,
She already has red lips,
I imagine that I have someone waiting for me outside,
She watches me dot the lipstick,

4.    She watches me rubbing in the colour with my ring finger,
I dot some more,
I remember my mother,
I take the slanted edge and slide,
I want red cheeks to match,
I want to look like a lover couldn’t keep his lips to himself,
I want eyelids to look like they burn with nothing less
Than the acid I got in my throat,
And the hot palms when he looked at me

5.    I walk out of the bathroom
And back to the table,
Nina Simone plays
I song along
‘Sometimes I find myself alone regretting
some little foolish thing;
some simple thing that I’ve done.’
I wish my mother had used this as a lullaby,
I wish I had red lips even in sepia tone.

-The instructions were as follows:
Tweet 1 – 8.30 pm //
There are only a few things to note.
1) Each Verse should be no more than 60 words.
2) You will be given 5 mins to write each verse.

Tweet 2. – 8.30 pm //
Choose a beauty product. You are writing an alternative set of instructions, your title will be e.g. How To Use A Hairbrush.

Tweet 3. 8.35 pm //
Verse 1. Reason. (come up with a need/scenario to use the product)

Tweet 4. 8.40 pm //
Verse 2. Get product. (detail purchasing product, where to go, the market, competitors)

Tweet 5. 8.45 pm //
Verse 3. Find a place and use product. (after the chaos of shopping choose a solitary place)

Tweet 6. 8.50 pm //
Verse 4. Your are dissatisfied with the results. Take it a step further. (go crazy with it)

Tweet 7. 8.55 pm //
Verse 5. End (try and flirt / please someone now.)

Tweet 8. 9.00 pm //
You have 10 minutes to edit.


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