Year of the Poet Part Deux presents… Sound Of Rum: Give

First things first: Kate Tempest is a beast on the wordsmithery. If you didn’t know that I’m afraid you are behind the times and quite frankly worse than people who don’t know who John Barry is (In Jokes!)

Second thing: to watch Kate Tempest live is an experience. Few artists transcend their genre/artform to become something more emotional, more connecting; here in london where art can sometimes feel human-less, Kate is an shining exception. She’s one of those rare artists you honestly believe can make a stroll through the yellow pages seem like the best scene in the wire.

Third thing: her band ‘Sound of Rum’ is AMAZING. Drummer and Bassist Archie and Ferry have pushed the bounderies of their lean setup to produce something frighteningly big-balled, original and fresh. Live, they undeniably great. And guessing from this track off their forthcoming album with label Sunday Best, it sounds like a lot of those ‘One to Watch 2011’ listers are going to be wearing egg as the new face accessory. Blistering stuff here; soaring guitar riffs, kate in turns menancing, desperate and hopeful and poignant -like she spread all her corners of her mind flat across 3 odd mins in one big eloquent take- and oh so crunchy bass! This is how I imagine a war between hip hop and spoken word referee’d by the bastard child of stadium rock would sound.

Also mad props to poet in cambodia John Berkavitch for doing the video. She’s having a residency every tues in february at the Old Queen head. You need to go. Click


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Poet, Frontman to alt hip hop band Benin City. Founder of Poem inbetween People. Co Founder of Spoken word/music night Poejazzi. Workshopper. Lover of all things horror/scifi/fantasy/tech related. Host. Semi bad man.
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